Jan 6

Shoot the Boot

I’m out of the cast and into a boot now. I’m really happy to be making progress. The surgeon spent some time with me on Thursday and said i appear to be healing very well.

I haven’t been drinking much or at all, and have been eating at home most of the time. Melissa cooks a lot. I can make some simple stuff like tortellini and sauce. I bought a scooter to get around since when you use crutches, both of your hands are always tied up. I think that my healthy diet and lack of parties have helped with the healing.

I’m rambling a bit today. I took a vicodin and am goofy! I expected to be off of pain killers entirely by this point but that hasn’t happened. Usually i don’t need much, and I haven’t gotten a refill since the surgery on December 6. I know a lot of people become dependent on them so I’m trying to be careful. When they run out, i can’t get anymore, so I guess I’m done, right?

Damn, it feels so good to be out of that cast. The boot came off after i got home from work on Thursday and didn’t go back on until just now. It’s hurting and I think it needs some support. All of the muscle is gone.


Physical therapy from Monday. Things are starting to get better. Good night!


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