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Achilles – part 2 – Surgery – with Gross Pictures

December 29th, 2012 Posted in achilles

See the very graphic pictures that the surgeon took during the surgery. My ankle is cut wide open, so do not click if you’re sensitive to blood or gory scenes!

Link to pictures of my ankle during surgery.

I had surgery during the week of December 5th at Chevy Chase Surgical Center. It occupies the top floor of a medical building near Friendship Heights. Different surgeons perform their outpatient surgeries there. I was quite impressed, and everything went smoothly. Two anesthesiologists attended to me. They prepared me for general anesthesia and a Nerve Block. My surgeon arrived after they’d started work and put my mind at ease. He performs this surgery all the time. I was nervous beforehand – even wrote my will in my notebook (Melissa will laugh at me, but at least she wouldn’t have to go to probate if I died).

The Nerve Block is something injected into a nerve in your thigh. It completely numbs and paralyzes the leg below that point. It lasts for 24 hours, so it relieves a significant amount of the surgical pain as the leg swells and gets used to whatever tearing, cutting, and stretching went on during surgery. The anesthesiologists used a mini ultrasound machine to locate the nerve, then spread on a topical anesthetic, and then inserted the nerve block. I was getting pretty anxious by this point, so I turned my head and didn’t watch as they actually did it. Within 15 minutes, I couldn’t feel or move my leg. So weird.

From Achilles


Then the general anesthesia started. Well, from that point on, it’s pretty much a haze. Melissa brought me home after the surgery, and I vegged out on Percocets. They warned me to start taking the pain killers before the nerve block wore off. If you don’t, the nerve block wears off and BLAM, severe pain. I’ll never complain if the doctor asks me to eat pain killers. They’re quite nice!

Check out the pictures. They’re gross but AWESOME. I’ve never seen inside my own body before.

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  2. By Melissa on Dec 30, 2012

    Love, you didn’t seem nervous at all, I would have never guessed that you even wrote a little will. Hmm I wonder which notebook you used. You were a great patient and so generous. After they put the nerve block in, you gave me your credit card and told me to go shopping. I didn’t go, I wanted to stay as close to you as i could during your surgery. I am proud of you for the way you have faced this frustrating and uncomfortable time! Love you, m

  3. By rajat on Jan 6, 2013

    Thanks, Melissa. You have made this so much easier. Thank you for all of your help and support, love.

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