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Something I’ve been wanting to do…

July 25th, 2011 Posted in from the road

There is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but have
not been able to find a legal way to execute it.

Side Note: It doesn’t have to be legal, but it must be difficult to
detect and difficult for me to get in trouble.

How many times have you heard an awesome song and gotten yourself a
copy. The song might be rare, hard to find, or pretty obscure, but you
just want to share it with your friends. Some people, like my friend
Viraj, create a blog (http://http://videorue.blogspot.com/) where they
can post a YouTube link to the song. People take time to mix a song
with some graphics and post it onto youtube. I appreciate his efforts,
but the format isn’t easy to consume. You have to be sitting at your
computer, not on your phone, and manually click to start each song.

I want to podcast my music. A legitimate podcast where I can share my
MP3’s with my friends. I bought them legally, most through Amazon MP3,
after hearing them on Pandora (also paid subscription). I don’t mind
paying for my music, but I want a good way to share it.

Things I’ve considered are:
1. Putting up a private wordpress blog with PodPress where I can
upload all of this music, share the links with my friends, and
subscribe my Android phone to download automagically from.
2. Finding a third party podcasting service where I can upload my own stuff

The first one puts me at the mercy of my ISP. I’ve been caught for
doing this before with a prior ISP and they threatened to shut my site
down and send some kind of notice to the RIAA if I refused to comply.
I complied.

The second option could be shut down at any time and may not gain any
permanence. I used to upload stuff to CafePress.com, and they took
draconian measures to keep copyrighted content off of their site: If
they suspected that you didn’t own the content you posted, they’d
delete it immediately. They weren’t even 50% correct identifying
copyrighted content, and after the third or fourth time they deleted
all of my shit, i got fed up and gave up.

Just ranting and raving. I really want to be able to share my music!

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  2. By Kristian Hermansen on Jul 26, 2011

    When you said set up a private WordPress Blog and sharing the links, then how did your ISP detect you? Were you running it on your home network? No bueno. How about https://docs.google.com, where you can upload arbitrary files/folders and share via links? That should work, but definitely threatens your Google account. You have to trust your friends I suppose! Google Docs even has an RSS publisher for public shares, which would be awesome for your purposes, but not great for legal repercussions.

    There is also GNUnet, but don’t think there is an Android app … yet ;) [hint, hint…]

  3. By Kristian Hermansen on Jul 26, 2011


  4. By rajat on Jul 26, 2011

    Well, I was dumb at my last ISP. I posted ZIP files with content they disapproved of. It was not illegal content, just may not have been proper for me to distribute it. They looked into my VPS and told me to delete the files, or else.

    Thanks for the tips, they’re all awesome. I don’t think gnunet will suit my purposes but it is an interesting concept and I’m going to check it out further.

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