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Finally a Graduate!

May 27th, 2011 Posted in grad school

Yesterday was my Master’s degree graduation ceremony from Harvard. I’m done!

These were three guys I’d had some classes with. Not too many folks I know graduated yesterday.

From Harvard Graduation

But plenty of others did graduate!

From Harvard Graduation

This guy is a hoot. He is the “High Sherriff of Middlesex County” and he comes to “Declare this meeting IN SESSION!!” He shouts it and raps his cane on the stage three times.

From Harvard Graduation

Asian Tiger Mom snuck into the student section.

From Harvard Graduation

And Placido Domingo came by to receive his honorary degree. He serenaded Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she came up for her honorary degree. She’s not my type, but what an impressive lady.

It feels great to be done!

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  2. By Rani on Jun 16, 2011

    Congratulations again!!! What a great accomplishment.

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