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Worrisome Political Climate

January 11th, 2011 Posted in election

The unfortunate political climate in this country came to a violent head last week in Tuscon, AZ. A lot of people have been writing about the right-wing media, media “icons” like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin, and their contributions to this violence. I can’t believe how far they’ve taken their poorly conceived message and violent rhetoric.

This article from Vanity Fair sums up my viewpoint perfectly, so there is no need to write it again.

“Don’t blame Sarah Palin, just Stop Paying Attention”

I saw Glenn Beck in action last summer at his Restore Honor Rally. His speech sucked and his audience looked ancient and out-of-shape. Rush Limbaugh makes money getting simpleminded people to feel good about their intellectually undernourished brain spasms. He’s very good at it, and I scarcely believe a fraction of what he says. Sarah Palin embarrasses herself almost immediately upon opening her mouth to speak or upon moving her fingers to send messages to her dull flock. I just don’t believe these people can really motivate anyone to do anything except misspell words on the signs they take to their corny rallies and vote for candidates who will immediately screw them upon entering office. Past that, I don’t think much gets done.

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