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Chinese food truck

September 7th, 2010 Posted in from the road, grad school

The Harvard Chinese food truck is back on Oxford street. Nice!

My good friend Donnie and I used to snack here after CS121. And by snack, I mean to eat a huge tray of Chinese food for $6 and sit around when we became too fat to move.

The cart is parked on Oxford Street near Harvard, immediately in front of Maxwell Dworkin Hall and near the Harvard Law School. It seems to stay from 11am-2pm, though the good dishes usually run out by 1:30pm.

Today I had Szechuan Pork on black mushrooms.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Chinese food truck”

  2. By Rani on Sep 8, 2010

    Not bad! I wish we had more international food trucks in NY besides the usual middle eastern chicken and rice.

  3. By rajat on Sep 10, 2010

    It was soooo good.

  4. By melissa on Sep 11, 2010

    Yum, yum, yum! With this post you will recruit many Chinese food lovers to Harvard! I dare you to find one of these trucks in Arlington,VA or franchise it! You could become rich if you park one of these outside the courthouse metro stop in VA. I am up for being your business partner! Shucks, i should have stayed in the franchise law course this semester…

  5. By rajat on Sep 11, 2010

    We would become the fattest business partners in history! Though the line-up for this truck is at least 20 students deep for 3 hours of lunch service. Sounds pretty profitable :)

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