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Graduate school teaches you…

February 4th, 2010 Posted in from the road

Graduate school teaches you –
* Patience – Because a class may be incredibly awesome or absolutely
terrible. Either way, it is still 5 months long. No one, no matter how
smart or special they are, can make the class go by any faster. You
just have to be patient and deal with it.

* Tolerance – A professor might be a genius in his field, Here are ( 1
), ( 2 ), and ( 3 ) who I can give as examples. They are pioneers in
their research, and some are personable and good teachers. But others
are not at all interested in giving lecturers and have very little perception of what the
student brings to the class, what students need to know and what they are

* Time management – No work now, more work than 10 donkies, 10 mules,
and 10 graduate students can do come April. What are you going to do
about it?

* Interesting applications for your Blackberry / iPhone – because face
it, some lectures are going to be boring as fcuk and you have to sit
through the entire thing to catch the one pertinent fact that will be
mentioned all day

* Discipline – Picking your nose in class will get you a dirty look
and no one will want to work together with you. If you’re bored find
then another hobby.

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