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This Semester’s Courses

October 27th, 2009 Posted in grad school

The first semester of grad school is challenging and all-consuming. Last night while I was coming home after a very long day and night on campus, I was thinking of how I could summarize my three classes this semester. If my education were a high-rise building under construction, these are the courses and what they are teaching (and in some cases, preaching).

CS121 – Formal Systems and Discrete Math – How to analyze the foundation of your building to make sure it’ll stand, years before you lay down the first brick

CS244 – Cloud Computing and Network Design Topics – How to make your building green and last until the year 2150

CSXXX – (can’t criticize till i get my grades) – How to build your dream house out of cardboard & green apples and paint it with clay, because this is the only way a real builder would ever build a house.

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