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An Engagement

December 16th, 2008 Posted in uncategorizable

A friend of mine, who was certainly one of my two best friends in college, got engaged over the weekend. He did it in a really creative way. I didn’t even know he was thinking of proposing, but could have guessed given the duration of his relationship and how cool his gf is. I found out over Facebook. how lame. We’ve certainly fallen out of touch over the past few months as he’s been lawyering in chicago and i’ve been trying to be successful at a startup. but seriously , getting married and not telling your buddies about it?

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  2. By Rani on Dec 16, 2008

    Engagements are definitely getting more creative by the year. What’s next? a proposal on the moon?

    As far as finding out something like that about a good friend on Facebook… not so special! Maybe he used up all is creative cells on the proposal that he had to share the news in the simplest way.

  3. By Ramrod on Dec 17, 2008

    Seeing now who it is, that is surprising. You two must be way too busy. Oh by the way, you aren’t doing anything next July 11th are you? I’m going to need you to come to back to IL.

  4. By rajat on Dec 17, 2008

    Yeah, i was pretty disappointed about it. Honestly I’m not that busy, i make at least 10 non-work, non-gf calls a week. Bardia just never returns any of them!
    Are you getting married on July 11th ramrod? WOW that’ll be fun homie

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