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November 21st, 2008 Posted in popular, whining

After a week of Hindoogle being down, along with all of my homework, music, and blog, I finally switched to a new web host.

EasyCGI, who i was a loyal customer of for 3+ years, apparently sold out to a shitty company, and decided to “migrate” all of its users from perfectly good Windows 2003 servers to some other configuration. They didn’t test anything, and put up a half-ass control panel. Their support staff gives answers like “Did you refresh your browser?” when i tell them that my entire MySQL database is inaccessible. They did an excellent job copying files (hooray) to the new server, but screwed up all the database stuff.

Anyway, I suppose I’m lucky because nothing on hindoogle generates any money, and downtime is a nuisance and not a business loss. I feel bad for other EasyCGI customers that relied upon them for business. Is this any way to treat longtime customers?

I Joined eApps.com , per Jason’s recommendation, and am _VERY_ satisfied. I can start putting up my Ruby on Rails business ideas here :)

This site is currently hosted by Eapps.com. They are a VERY good host, not a single day of downtime since November 2008. They promptly and properly answer all of my questions. I have a Linux private VPS for $11 a month, which is a steal. VPS is far superior to shared windows hosting. If you want to earn me a free month, please click this link to sign up with eapps and list “Rajat Banerjee” as your referrer. Thanks I appreciate it!


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  2. By Sarah on Nov 21, 2008

    Glad to see your space back up :)

    We had to do MPs using Ruby couple of weeks ago and I am not a fan. And that the guy who came up with the MP didn’t do a good job explaining definitely had something to do with my dislike.

    Hope this host turns out waaay better than your old. Out with old, in with the new!

  3. By Rani on Dec 2, 2008

    Congrats on the new host! I hope it turns out to be everything you imagined.

  4. By EasyCGI Customer on Dec 3, 2008

    My client’s site has been down since Nov 26th. I’ve been going back and forth with Easy CGI ever since. They kept telling me there was something wrong with my code. They would not take responsibility for there actions. Here is a chat transcript from earlier (names changed)

    [08:34:59] EasyCGI: Are you trying to connect the database remotely?
    [08:35:16] Customer: yes, we are. that’s how the application is built and has worked since we built it in 2007.
    [08:35:43] Customer: it has since stopped working since the migration of EasyCGI to all the new servers.
    [08:35:54] EasyCGI: Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect the database remotely on our servers.
    [08:36:10] Customer: that’s not true, EasyCGI. it’s how we’ve done it in the past. is this a recent change in your SLA?
    [08:36:31] EasyCGI: Yes, Customer.
    [08:36:49] EasyCGI: On the new servers it is not possible to connect the database remotely.
    [08:36:59] Customer: how recent? and why weren’t we notified of this change? i certainly appreciate you letting us know, but we need to be notified and understand these changes so we can mitigate the risk involved.
    [08:37:27] EasyCGI: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
    [08:37:45] EasyCGI: On our new servers it is not possible to connect the database remotely.
    [08:37:57] Customer: all due respect, this is unacceptable.
    [08:38:16] Customer: we need to be pointed to the old platform until we can get this resolved. is there any way we can make that happen, EasyCGI?
    [08:39:09] EasyCGI: Unfortunately, it is not possible to flip the account back to the old platform.
    [08:39:52] Customer: EasyCGI, we have another site hosted with you, and your team at EasyCGI has done just that.
    [08:40:34] Customer: Because we were having trouble with another data driven site, your team at Easy CGI pointed us back to the old platform until the issue can get resolved.
    [08:40:52] Customer: I understand that this isn’t your fault, we just need your help in fixing it.
    [08:41:07] Customer: Can you please work with us to get this client’s site back online?
    [08:41:25] EasyCGI: Could you please hold for 2 to 3 minutes, while I check this for you?
    [08:41:25] Customer: sure
    [08:43:26] EasyCGI: Thank you for holding.
    [08:43:27] EasyCGI: Since the old servers are already offline it is not possible to flip the account back to the old platform. However, I have noticed that there is open ticket regarding your Web site issue. One of our specialists is working on the issue. I have updated the information in the ticket and given higher priority to resolve your issue at the earliest. One of our specialists will resolve your issue and send you the resolution in the Support Console http://www.easycgi.com/member/sconsole/ .
    [08:43:47] EasyCGI: Once the issue is resolved you will be able to access your Web site.
    [08:44:00] Customer: Actually that ticket was for another issue. When you migrated our files, you didn’t migrate them properly. This should be listed as a separate issue.
    [08:44:19] EasyCGI: Okay.
    [08:44:25] EasyCGI: Since the old servers are already offline it is not possible to flip the account back to the old platform.
    [08:45:35] Customer: You guys need to bring those old serves back online for this site. We just need enough time to get the content and re-tool our system to work on the new system.
    [08:46:09] EasyCGI: The old servers are already offline.
    [08:48:09] EasyCGI: Did you receive my last message?
    [08:48:15] Customer: Stacey, escalate this issue to someone who has the decision making power to bring them back online. You gave us no advanced warning of this SLA change, and as a consequence, our site has been down for 8 days. This kind of disruption is unacceptable, and we expect Easy CGI to do every thing in their power to correct this problem. Please work with us here. Bring the old servers back online just long enough for us to make changes.
    [08:48:50] EasyCGI: Can you please hold while I look into this for you? I should have some more information regarding your issue in 2-4 minutes.
    [08:49:04] Customer: sure. thanks
    [08:49:11] Customer: I
    [08:49:45] Customer: I’m sorry this is happening, but we really need you guys take responsibility and fix this.
    [08:53:36] EasyCGI: Thank you for holding.
    [08:53:38] EasyCGI: I will update all these information to the ticket #5567194 and ask one of our specialists work on this issue.
    [08:53:42] EasyCGI: One of our specialists will resolve your issue and send you the resolution in the Support Console.
    [08:54:29] Customer: I hope you have tagged this with your highest sense of urgency?
    [08:55:20] EasyCGI: Yes, Customer.
    [08:55:33] Customer: Thanks, I will expect a resolution shortly.
    [08:55:44] EasyCGI: You’re welcome!
    [08:55:47] EasyCGI: One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.
    [08:55:52] EasyCGI: Are you the owner of the account?
    [08:56:04] Customer: yes
    [08:56:31] EasyCGI: Okay.
    [08:56:32] Customer: my email address is accurate.
    [08:56:51] EasyCGI: Okay.
    [08:57:24] EasyCGI: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    [08:58:26] Customer: can you email me a copy of this transcript?
    [08:58:39] Customer: The email button at the top doesn’t work…
    [08:58:52] EasyCGI: Okay.
    [08:59:00] Customer: Thanks. have a good evening.
    [08:59:10] EasyCGI: You’re welcome!
    [08:59:14] EasyCGI: Thank you for chatting with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24×7.
    [08:59:17] EasyCGI: Bye!
    [08:59:14] Customer: ok

  5. By Paul on Dec 12, 2008

    EasyCGI are the biggest joke going around. EasyCGI SUCK!! i lost 2 clients due to their lack of ability to migrate my sites to the new platform. my total plans with them would have cost me $1000 annually…… but i just spent $5000 with my developers trying to rectify all the migration issues.

    i had the option to migrate manually or auto, but the radio buttons in my control panel wouldn’t let me decide. so i submitted multiple tickets requesting manual migration due to the transactional DB we had for a client. these were all ignored…. so i called. on every phone call i was told i would be notified as soon as they were ready for me to start the manual migration… the call never came but it did come from my client on a monday morning after i discovered EasyCGI decided to move the site themselves and in Australia that is midnight Sunday in the US….

    from that point they rolled back a DB that was 3 weeks old and i lost 3 weeks of data and then the HTTPS blocked all user from accessing the site…… this is only one story and I have just lost another site after the forgot to transfer the DB….

    i understand upgrades need to happen but how they managed it using dumb operators is amazing. of the 7 sites i had with them 3 are going (including the client) and all the others will be closed shortly.
    they suck big time

  6. By Kebin on Dec 24, 2008

    Apparently many of us are suffering due to the migration. I lost one of my databases and the last back up they have is from August 08. There are many with the same problems. All of us are trying to gather people so that we can file lawsuit action against them. But the damages has to be a lot for that. If we all get together then it is possible. Please contact Michael.Ramer@NABPOP.com if you have been affected by easycgi’s recent issues.

  7. By Jaime Rubio on Jan 5, 2009

    I’ve lost a half of my visits in 1 month. My website is down 24 hours per week. There is a simple issue regarding a connection to a mySQL database using ADODB.Connection (classic ASP). I’ve written 20 tickets since last 2 months and they always say “We apologize” but nothing to do. I’m really disappointed!

  8. By George Grubar on Apr 13, 2009

    EasyCGI suck beyond belief…..

    My original webhost – webstrikesolutions.com – unfortunately sold out to these incompetent bozos (thansk a lot webstrike!). Nest thing i know (well, we all know) is they’re migrating everyone over to their platform. Its been a f*cking DISARSTER! they disable remote database access (how lame), they have this sh*tty ms sql console instead called MyLittleAdmin (its a piece of sh*t)….to top it off they tell me they cant migrate one of my sites because it doesnt meet their QA guidelines….oh please!….then when I ask can they elaborate on what that means, they play dumb and gimme the same old cut and paste answers…

    hopeless, incompetent, scary, unprofessional, deceptive

    in all my time on the web, they are the worst….they suck without equal….

  9. By Kevin Wilson on May 7, 2009

    I have also been hit hard by the bungled transition from the Webstrike servers, I have spent the last 2 months moving sites to a new host and am bleeding money in the process (not totally due to hosting costs but time lost). Even now, the few sites that did manage to become stable on the Easy CGI servers are having constant problems pop up. It is impossible to do simplest things quickly like changing file permissions on Windows hosting plans via the file manager (to my semi-joy I found today that they have just released a new beta file manager which will apparently let us do this – unfortunately the thing doesn’t work at all in FF or IE at my end.)

    Webstrike gave great support to all of their clients and their ticket system actually had people online that had technical knowledge. If you want decent tech support directly on the ticket system with Easy CGI you need to purchase a ‘Premium Support Subscription’.

    What a pack of friggin arseholes.

  10. By jonas on Jun 25, 2009

    I was a customer with easycgi for many years (as well as a reseller), when i started receiving notices that some domains were due for renewal i did the logical thing and tried to navigate to the renewals page, but wait… it didn’t exist? they had somehow deleted that page so i notified them via email & support ticket only to have them tell me it was a fault at my end, like every single computer & browser i checked all had the same fault.

    eventually they told me they would fix it and i should check back in a week (when my domains were about to expire). a week went by, i checked back, the page was up “hooray” i thought, but no. the renew button refused to function. it was there, almost like an image left to taunt me that i was about to lose my domains to the abyss. i also noticed i wasn’t able to change any DNS or other details (admin, tech contacts, etc).

    i opened more support tickets & sent more emails, eventually i got my domain renewed, but boy was it a headache. i started transferring all my domains away from easycgi apart from one which had been registered less than 30 days before, i also cancelled my hosting account. keeping in mind that as soon as possible i had to transfer that last domain away – of course it slipped my mind.

    little did i know, during the cancellation of my hosting/reseller account easycgi’s team had taken it upon themselves to… change all my admin/tech/contact information to something i knew nothing about. so when the domain came up for renewal again this year, guess what, i wasn’t notified and i lost my site & email for days, then was told it was my fault the info was wrong and i had to pay easycgi $170USD to get my domain back or i would lose it to the highest bidder. after THEY changed my information without my permission.

    there has got to be some law against this sort of extortion, if it’s illegal for the mafia, then it should be illegal for easycgi!

    if anyone wants to launch a class-action suit against easycgi, count me in. worst host in the history of the internet. NEVER use easycgi.

  11. By waqas a p on Jul 2, 2009

    Will Kruss please come back !
    please save us .

    easy cgi is sucking us down to the very last drop of our blood.

    any one please suggest an alternate hosting company which is as good as webstrike ? please

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