Sep 7

New Bike, New Hobby!

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I’ve managed to lose a little over 15lbs in the past few months. In an effort to keep that going I’ve taken up Cycling. A couple of my friends from Opower and the district go on great Sunday rides. Today we did some brutal hills in Falls Church and Great Falls, and then hit the W.OD Trail and rode out to Herndon. OH man my legs hurt. It’s not easy starting from almost zero and doing a 20+ mile ride.

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Jun 7

Galaxy On Fire 2: Best Commodity Prices

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One of my favorite games for the tablet is Galaxy on Fire 2. It fulfills my Star Wars fantasies from youth because you can fly around the galaxy, fight pirates and aliens in space, buy and sell commodities, and complete pretty fun missions.

If you are looking to make money to buy a better ship or better weapons, trading commodities is an easy and relatively violence-free way of doing so. You will need decent capital and a decent amount of cargo space on your ship before it becomes profitable. It would be hard to earn money starting with less than $200,000 in capital and less than 100t of cargo space aboard your ship.


Here is a google table containing all the commodity prices, best, worst, and the profit margin / price difference of trading.


I made this spreadsheet by buying one of every commodity that I could find and then copying it out “Hangar” view. This is for GoF2 on Android and probably doesn’t apply to the original GoF.

When time permits, I hope to write a greedy algorithm that goes through the price lists and systems list and calculates the most profitable and most optimal trading route :)

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Mar 19

USPS parcel delivery is hopeless

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Ordered stuff from Amazon. The Prime shipped box via fedex arrived last night, but the USPS shipped box says “March 25th delivery”, six days from now. Even though the package is already in DC!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.56.13 AM



This is stuff I need for Sam’s bachelor party this weekend at the Cosmo in Vegas. Super excited.

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Feb 14

Setting up a Roku 3 and a Logitech Harmony One remote

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It isn’t as straightforward as one would like to set up a Roku 3 and a Logitech Harmony One remote. Some things that could be more obvious:

  • Where is the Roku device on the “Devices” list?

It’s hidden under Devices -> DVD -> DVD -> Manufacturer: Roku -> Roku 3



It will come up as a DVD player, so you definitely want to rename the device by clicking “Settings” -> “Rename Device” and calling it a Roku3.


  • Does the Harmony One have the right IR/RF control mechanisms to control a Roku?

Yes, it does. Mine is working perfectly after just configuring it with Logitech Harmony Remote Software. Logitech gives you some options to point the Roku remote at the backside of the Harmony remote, and pushing some Roku remote keys to learn. But the harmony, unsurprisingly, doesn’t learn when you fire things into its backside. You can skip that step.

  • Why does the “Activity”->Watch Roku send commands to my TV instead of to the Roku?

Major annoying factor, but easy to fix. When I hit the “Activity” -> “Watch Roku” (I customized that name, it used to be “Watch DVD (2)”), all commands would be sent to the TV.

You can fix this by going to “Activities” -> “Watch Roku” -> “Customize Buttons”. Some buttons like Volume Control and Mute should go to your TV, but everything else can point to your Roku. See:



You can even add some custom buttons to show on the home screen with the “Additional Buttons” tab:



Jan 15

We’ll miss you, Kolesky

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Nov 12

Having fun in Lisbon

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This bridge is a knock-off of the golden gate bridge. The name is the "April 25th bridge". The Portuguese dictator Salazar hired the golden gate bridge's architect to build one in Lisbon.

This bridge is a knock-off of the golden gate bridge. The name is the “April 25th bridge”. The Portuguese dictator Salazar hired the golden gate bridge’s architect to build one in Lisbon.

Trying the Panorama mode on my new Sonv HX-50V

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